Don’t believe your girlfriend!

Don’t believe your girlfriend!

​How good it is for a woman to have a good friend to talk to in this phase of life - after the breakup with the toxic Ex and later, when the legal proceedings cause great turmoil in a mother's life. Do you have such a good friend? Then I'm very happy for you,...

Why your attitude in court is so damn important

Why your attitude in court is so damn important

Why is it so difficult to adopt a sovereign attitude in front of the court - you shouldn't have to fear anything, because you haven't done anything wrong? Let me tell you a typical story that illustrates the classic procedure after a separation from a toxic...

Hello, my name is Heidi!

Single mom with a child and a dog. I coach moms with toxic exes and support you in how to be strong, calm and confident in your challenges with your ex.  More about me ...

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