Why it does not take two to argue

Why it does not take two to argue

This article is for you, dear outsider. For the mother's family members and not-so-close friends, for the neighbors, the children's teachers and educators, for the judges, the youth welfare workers, and yes, even for the guardians ad litem who are supposed to...

When you’re down

Sweetheart, if you just found and are reading this blog article, it's for a reason. And right up front, I'm sending you a very big hug. Let me assure you: The phase you're in right now will pass. Just like all the other bad phases in the past have passed....

Don’t believe your girlfriend!

Don’t believe your girlfriend!

​How good it is for a woman to have a good friend to talk to in this phase of life - after the breakup with the toxic Ex and later, when the legal proceedings cause great turmoil in a mother's life. Do you have such a good friend? Then I'm very happy for you,...

Hello, my name is Heidi!

Single mom with a child and a dog. I coach moms with toxic exes and support you in how to be strong, calm and confident in your challenges with your ex.  More about me ...

Invitation to the FeelBold Friday

Exclusively for moms with toxic ex-partners

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"I am not alone."

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