The measure of any society is how it treats its women and girls

Michelle Obama

I would like to slightly modify this terrific statement by this great woman:

“The measure of any society is how it treats its mothers.“

You and I – we can’t change society now. Any quibbling with reality won’t help either. We can only change our microcosm.

We can change ourselves.

We can work on our attitude. We can work on our self-worth. We can work on our future, even if the starting conditions are suboptimal.

When each of us changes our microcosm, society changes too. Not in the short term, but in the long term.

I believe in this deeply and firmly.

I am Heidi Duda

and with Midlife-Boom I want to create a platform that enables you and all other single mothers to get out of the emotional low faster than it was possible for me back then after the separation in 2009.

I believe what you tell me.

I want to help other mothers become strong again. To activate their courageous inner heroine and to go through difficult situations with a straight backbone and an uplifted head.

I want to create a platform where currently empowered women and mothers can reach out to those who are currently feeling weak and need help.

I want to be able to fund ambitious and social projects and initiatives for mothers.

I want to use all my skills to change this society from the inside out so that motherhood is no longer scary and addictive. Because in a caring community everyone feels responsible for how the next generation grows up.

I want to put hindering beliefs to the test and mark them as “Not true!”. So that your daughter knows from the beginning what belongs in the land of fairy tales.

And I want to have enough time for my own family: For my son (born 2008) and our dog (born 2015), who enrich my life so incredibly and are the reason I founded Midlife-Boom in 2016.